Saturday Spotlight: Meet The Good Witch of the Midwest

Hello friends!  For today's Saturday Spotlight I have the brains behind the blog The Good Witch of the Midwest.  She's a small blogger who I've chosen to feature here on the blog in order to help promote her so she can grow and find new readers.  If you'd like to be featured here, please fill out this form.

But let's get on with the interview-I've asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better:

Saturday Spotlight: Meet The Good Witch of the Midwest

How did The Good Witch of the Midwest get started?
 I wanted a platform mainly for my love of polish. But I'm also a photographer and an avid (albeit, amateur chef) so the pictures and recipe tutorials just fell into place with all the polish and pretties. I love having somewhat of a digital diary to share my passions with others.

What inspires your love of nail polish? 
When I was in eighth grade, my favorite teacher was my sounding board for all things. I called him Sir, as a nod to my favorite movie of the time (and song) To Sir With Love. I asked him one day what guys really notice first in a girl. He said one of the first things he noticed about his wife was her nails. They were always well manicured and painted and always looked good. From then on I was hooked on polish, even though my dad wouldn't let me wear it. After my parents split I bought my first bottle of polish for $6... An Urban Decay polish that was navy blue with silver sparkles. My absolute favorite polish ever. Plus, I love that my polish can change with my moods. If I'm dark and stormy, my nails will be too. If I'm in a great mood, looking forward to having a great time, my nails are a conduit.

What are your favorite things to write about on your blog?
 My life. It may not be much to some, but to me, every life experience that I have could help someone else. I wrote about loosing our house, finding a new one and making it ours just so people wouldn't be so scared of the change themselves. Last night I blogged a series of recipes celebrating my mother-in-law that passed away hoping that someone might be able to honor their loved one the way I honored mine. I also love sharing my pictures. Whether they are just of flowers, or lightning (which I haven't had the chance to get this year *sad panda*), conceptual shots or just shots of my kiddos, I love to share and hopefully bring a smile to someones day.

Who inspires you in your daily life and why? 
 My children inspire my daily life. They're one of the main reasons I'm here on this earth. They keep me going when I don't want to walk another step and always keep me on my toes.

What are a few of your favorite posts you've posted on your blog?
Hmmm... The one where I made my famous Baklava. Ugh I can't wait for the holidays. My DIY River Song journal which I still use to this day... One of my favorites is a glimpse of what I do on a typical day, which took my readers to Neewollah, the nations oldest Halloween festival. And shoots of my beautiful town in full fall swing.. Ok... That's it. I have way too many favorites LOL

If you could give one piece of sound life advice, what would it be? 
My motto has always been: Let what happens, happen. It's easier said than done. I am a huge worrier. I can't help it, but I try to. I try my hardest to just breathe and let it be. If a situation is too heavy for you to handle at the moment, back up... Take a few steps back and breathe. Then come back at a different angle and attack it the best way you know how with a clear head.

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12 DIY Bathroom Projects I'm Dying to Try

You may remember when I first started looking at houses I shared a list of the 15 DIY Kitchen Projects I was dying to try in my new home.  Things have changed a bit since actually buying a house and having a different space to work with, so I may update that one eventually.  However, today I'd like to share some Bathroom projects I want to try.

My house has two bathrooms currently, one upstairs that is mostly updated (though they did a terrible job when they did it) and a downstairs bathroom which I'm afraid might be a lost cause.  It's so awful I don't even know how to fix it, but I'll talk about that at another time.  For now, here are some projects I've collected for you from Pinterest, enjoy!

12 DIY Bathroom Projects I'm Dying to Try

1. These Window Box Bathroom Storage Bins would be perfect for holding towels and other things in a bathroom with limited space.  They're small, and they'd fit against the wall or cupboards somewhere to help conserve floor space.

2. Neither of my bathrooms have toilet paper roll holders.  I bought a free standing one, but I'm kind of liking this toilet paper roll holder with a shelf tutorial.  It's not only adorable, but it would be useful too!

3. I found this super basic 2 minute tutorial for a magnetic strip that holds things like bobby pins or tweezers.  I'm forever losing all of those things, so this would be handy!  It's not cute, but I think it would be super easy to make it cute with some thin fabric or washi tape, don't you think?

4. I totally adore these mason jar bathroom organizers.  And how easy is strapping a few mason jars to a board and filling it with your bathroom things like sponges, makeup brushes, Q-tips, etc.?

5. If you have the floor space (I don't, at least not upstairs) an old ladder is a super cute towel holder!

6. Bathroom mirrors can be super boring, but not when you frame your mirror!  Adding some simple molding, an old picture frame, or some mosaic tile around your bathroom mirror will add a lot of charm to that part of your bathroom.

7. Two things you can never get enough of in a bathroom is mirrors and storage.  How about building your own bathroom mirror storage case?  It gives you a nice full length(ish) mirror to admire your outfits in, PLUS the added benefit of storage behind it.  Brilliant!

8. You can totally snag this FREE pattern for this soft knit bath mat from Coco Knits.  Cute!

9. This narrow rope shelf is totally doable, and adorable too!  Plus, you can totally adjust the lengths and widths as needed for your space!

10. I didn't even think about using the space above the door by installing an above door shelf. Usefull!

11. This DIY magazine storage takes up almost no space, and looks so easy to install! It's cute too.

12. Uh, did you know you can turn a drawer into a bathroom shelf and that it's easy?  SO cute.

 What projects do you want to do or have you done in your bathroom?


What to Wear on a Dream Date

What to Wear on a Dream Date

Deciding what to wear on your dream date you were looking forward to a long time, might be difficult sometimes. Oh hell, who I am kidding? It is always super hard and takes a lot of thinking too. Is that dress appropriate? Do those shoes match my nail polish color? These and other questions usually come to my mind then I stand in front of my closet thinking about the date, the venue, and the man I am meeting. But you know what, after some time of such problem-solving, I have finally managed to make myself a tips list of items that are suitable to wear on a date. Let me share it with you, and may you relax for once before the big date night with your crush.

A Skirt or A Dress
Little cute dress or a combo of a nice skirt and a blouse is very appropriate and even necessary for a date! Even if you are one of these girls, who like to wear pants all the time, consider pulling a dressy skirt or a dress for your date. Pants, as the history of fashion tells, were initially men’s apparel item, so some men might think that pants are too masculine for a girl. You don’t want that to happen, right? So better get yourself into a dress or a skirt (which both are not to short – you don’t want to look too sexy), and create a feminine vibe. Of course, don’t wear a too long skirt as well. That is how you create a nun vibe. A medium length skirt or a dress combined with not so deep neckline will do the trick for sure!

If you still want to wear pants, then wear it with some hot and super stylish high heels. It will also help you to create a feminine look and will improve your pose as well! Of course, you need to know how to walk in heels, in another way you just look silly. Sure, you toes and legs might hurt after a date, but if you want to wear ballerina flats or boots, you will lose that sexy vibe which you should want to have. Let’s be honest. Just find heels which are at least comfortable for you, and you will notice the attention to you from your date right away!

Bright Clothing 
Now if you have decided to pull a nice dress and heels, you also probably have started to think about the color palette too. Well, definitely choose some brighter colors then! Black, gray and other neutral colors are more suitable for a working environment, but not for a date. Well, black might be good for such occasion, but heels and all accessories should be brighter. On the other hand, turquoise and coral shades actually seem to be particular favorites for many men, so you can dress yourself in it as well. But don’t follow that blindly, and choose a color that looks the best with your skin and hair complexion. Otherwise, put a hot red dress to create strong and romantic look.

Now, before the big night, you need to shop for all the items I just mentioned, right? Just relax and don’t rush to the next retail store. Better get online and visit Neiman Marcus. Over there you will be able to equip yourself for the night out and save money with Online Coupons for Neiman Marcus! It will cut any price and will let you be sure, that your purchase will make your crush fall in love with you the moment you walk in. Good luck!

I received compensation for this sponsored post.

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